Tricks for windows 8

We are using the windows 7 because it was placed according to the old features of the windows version. But as the windows 8 came into being it shows the new interference of the windows. The windows 8 open a new door to the view of the window world. In order to use it, many people in the way of being advance used the windows 8. Here are also some tricks if you are a user of windows 8.

Tricks and tips:

There are some shortcuts which can be played a value adding services. The tricks are given below:

The start button:

This is the totally new and amazing feature of the window is the start button because by the start button you can have all the options. Just one click and all the things at your click.


Now you can personalize the home screen features and add the features which you want. You can do that. It will be a nice click for you.


In windows 8 you can have the direct go to desktop option. You don’t need to go here and there. One click and you will be there.


This window will allow users to make sort of the applications they have installed. It can be done by the type of date or the time when it is being installed. It would be so good and nice option. You can have applications at the place you want.

Stoped apps:

Now you have the option that if you are not going to use some applications now you can do it just by making the stop. Here you can do it when you are not using something. It can be done that it is the amazing one thing.

Display settings:

Now you can do it and you can have the orientation just when you want and the display would be according to your choice.

Multiple apps:

By the windows 8, you can have the to view multiple applications at the same time. It would be so helpful and good one.

Online saving:

In windows 8 you can save the articles online and then can read them even when the time you don’t have access to the internet.

These were some of the features and tricks about the windows 8 and you can have it in few clicks.