Tricks for windows 7

We all are the users of windows .After the windows vista, almost every one of us tried to use the windows 7. It is the most installed version of the Microsoft. It has been used for professional purposes too. It is used for many features. Here are some tricks for windows 7.

Tricks for windows 7:

The windows 7 is mostly downloaded and used for different things. The windows 7 has the ultimate features and has many sorts which include the ultimate version, the professional version and also for home edition type.

Here are some tricks which can be used for the all of them.

Tricks for windows 7

New folder:

If you want to make the new folder in the windows 7 then you can do it with the simple use of the keyboard. Sometimes when you are an expert then it seemed the difficult one to use the mouse.

Command= Ctrl+Shift+N

So by this, you will find the new folder.

Jump off:

You can also make the jump off the list. In this regard, you can be able to hit the available things by just one click. It will be so good.

For themes:

If you want to check out the new themes then you can find this out by the given clicks. C://windows/Globalization/MCT in the search box and then you can press enter. It is the thing for accessibility. You can check the subfolder and according to your region you can do it.

Several monitors:

The windows seven will allow you to make the use of several monitors at a time. Just by different clicks you would be able to do that no matter what would be your purpose.


It has also the taskbar which is really astonishing for the featuring and for the purposes of different working when you have to tackle with work.

Check Boxes:

The check box is here in the window seven to serve you so that you can have the clicks and you can enable the files in the bulk.

Clear the tray:

Now you can now clear the tray so that in notification bar you have the only features which you want to use.