Tricks for windows 10

With an increasing time the world ever best company Microsoft also improved the services and the features of the window. They launched the windows 10 with the increased options and maximize the availability options. It is been considered as the last edition by the Microsoft. The windows 10 has many options and features. Here are some tricks or the tips for the windows 10 to have the new look.

Tricks and tips:

The world of windows has many features in it. Now it can be seen that the windows 10 has also many tips.

Tricks for windows 10

God Mode:

Now the windows 10 will provide you the opportunity to make the God Mode option. It is such sort of option in which you can have the clicks with the configuration. In which you have to make a new folder and then you can replace it with the God Mode.

Start menu:

Here you have the option in which you can do customization and you can have the things what you want. This will help you out.


You can have the schedule you can make the proper order when it is needed to make the updates and when it is not. It will be so amazing and different ever since.


If you are using the device which has a touch screen then it can be a good option for you to turn it into the tablet.

Virtual Desktops:

If you are using multiple applications then there you can make the virtual desktop also. It will be so helpful for you. It will help you out to create this.

Battery life:

If you are using the laptop then it would be so amazing and nice option for you so that you can save the battery and it will maximise till the last end.

Biometric configuration:

The windows 10 provide you feature in which you can have the security when you want. Now this can be unlocked by the fingerprint. It will be so good and everlasting effect on the Microsoft.


Now the users can limit their Wi-Fi. It would be so nice and amazing feature for you and it will help you out to limit it. You can select audience.