Tablet: Apple Vs Nexus Vs Samsung

When it comes to search about the comparison. Then it is made up with the high-level authorities. It can be seen that the Apple IPad Air 2 is looked is at the top of the list because of the name it has earned but the nexus and the Samsung are also standing in front of it. It can be seen by the comparison given below.

A comparison of apple with nexus and Samsung:

The comparison is made up on the main and the core things in all of them. It shows which features they have.


When it comes to the design we can have in the view that the Apple was released first and got the highest audience. And when the Samsung came in front it got equal but the nexus in this regard was not being appreciated. The Nexus was down the list but the Apple Air was at the top.

Display feature:

If we talk about the display we can see that apple has always been a good one in regard to display. The display of the apple in the air 2 was retina had. Although till now the world knows apple as the retina producer but the air 2 was retina had. Now the display of the nexus is at eh second because of the ratio 16:10. So it was also good. But the display of Samsung is sharper and brighter than the apple.


If the matter of battery comes then the battery of Samsung is best. It is at the top and much good than others. It has the extra output. It is really good and amazing. But the battery of the nexus is at second number with the best output it gives to the users and the battery of the apple are the third one.


The feature of sounding is really awesome in all of the types. But the sound quality of Samsung is really awesome and unique. The nexus has not the much good effect but still the good one. The apple is the third one for the sound.


The Samsung provides the octa core with the 32 bit and the apple has the 64 bit with the tri core. It is a really awesome feature.


Memory wise the apple is best because it will give up to 128 GB but both the Samsung and the nexus is till 32 GB.