Should Microsoft Offer a Direct Upgrade Path from XP to Windows 8?


Microsoft came under serious fire when launched Windows 7 because they not offered a direct migration path from Windows XP. Windows XP operating system is now ten years old and majority of people want to migrate because of its numerous problems with security.There were perfectly legal technical issues for not offering a direct upgrade path. The basic technologies in Windows XP and Windows 7 are completely different and it was clear that many software packages would need to be reinstalled. This did not help Microsoft however as all copies of Windows, and they are also doing this for reasons I cannot comprehend, store the user’s files and folders on the same partition of hard disk as the copy of Windows. These ‘shell user folders’ have become much easier to move in recent years but even so most users of Windows would never be aware of how they can do this.

The majority of Windows users is left with their files and folders sitting in the same partition as Windows and then purchases an external hard disk to move them. They do not know how to operate such kind of system. The Windows Easy transfer is a program supplied on the Windows 7 installation DVD could perform this task, but majority of people also failed to find that. Therefore, the upgrade path from Windows XP to 7 was difficult.