IPad Air 2 vs Samsung Tab outerly

Ipad is the worth spreading product of the era. Even though in the comparison of iPad there are also some companies which are at the rival strike. For example, Samsung is the rival and two models of tab we can do a comparison of Apple IPad Air 2 to the Samsung tab S.

Comparison between is given below:

There are some features which can be seen in the comparison. Here are the features were given:


The first comparison is made by the size. We can see that the size of the Ipad2 differs from the Samsung Tab S.

IPad Air2 mm Galaxy Tab S  mm
170 177
240 247
6.1 6.6

Both the tablets are awesome in their features but the IPad Air is somehow better because it is more thin and slim.


Now the comparison is about the weight. The weight of both are lighter but IPad has much-reduced weight.

IPad Air 2= 437g

Samsung Tab S=465g


The IPad 2 is made of the aluminium. Therefore, it has the more advantage. While the Samsung is made up of plastic. So it not reliable as the IPad is reliable.


The Ipad air 2 is available in three colours which are space grey, gold and silver. But the Samsung Tab S is available in only two colours which are bronze and white.


The display of both has a quantitative effect. As the matter concern about the display of IPad then it provides the screen of 9.7’. Its screen has the awesome effect. It provides the real colours. The screen of tab S is 10.5. It also gives the good colours but the screen doesn’t display as much natural the iPad’s does.

The display screen used by the iPad air 2 is the IPs. Which is globally considered the best screen? But the screen which is chosen by the Samsung is Amole. It has the blacker black effect. But the iPad is best.

As the matter of resolution than the screen of iPad displays 2048×1536 and 264 Ppi. But the screen of Samsung can display 2560×1600 and 288 Ppi.

This was the comparison of the outer side. Here are still many other features, which needs to be discussed.