IPad 2 vs Samsung S overall

There are several terms which can be seen between both of the Samsung Tabs and the IPad 2. These features with eh comparison are given below. Because both of the ratings are higher. Check out the difference given below.

Anti-glare feature:

In apple IPad air 2 the feature of anti-glare is added. It, therefore, makes you able to read even you are outside. It is anti-reflective. It allows you to read.

Touch sensor:

This is also called the fingerprint sensor. In this sort of sensor, you have to touch to your tab. In both sorts of the tab, you will touch. In ios8, it is faster and easier because of ease from the Apple but the Samsung tab is swipe type. It is different than that.


The space or the storage memory in the iPad is from 16 GB to 128 GB. But the storage capacity of the Samsung is 16 GB to32 GB. This is the drawback of this tab.

Sd Card:

The SD Card is the one thing or the associate which is used to enhance the memory. This is suitable SD Card Storage. But in IPad Air 2 we cannot add the memory card in it.

Battery Capacity:

In both of tablets, the battery life is focused. It is the core concern. It is very useful. But the battery of 7340 mAh and the Samsung battery is 7900 mAh. The Samsung battery is helpful. Because of maximum output. But it has the android system which is background application run.

The power save mode:

In regard of tablets, the Samsung gives the power save mode. It is helpful by turning the application at the boundary. The power would be limited in that way. The power will not be consumed much. But the It doesn’t give this feature.

Camera mode:

The cameras of both tablets are 8 MP the main and the secondary for iPhone is 1.2 MP and the Samsung is 2.1 MP.

Processor system:

The processor of IPad air 2 is A8x 64 bit and the tri-core 1.5 GHz. The system of the Samsung Tab S is Exynos 32 bit and octa-core 1.9 GHz + 1.3 GHz.


The ram of IPad is 2 GB and the Ram of Samsung is 3gb.