IPad 2 A Comparison to IPad 3

In the time when we have an approach towards the iPad 2 and also the iPad 3 so there should be a comparison between both of them so that it should be clear what is better. If you are going to buy an apple product so you have to keep in mind the core features of its devices so that you can analyze better and in that way it would easier for you because now the technology is rising daily and having the latest thing in your palm is a real source of joy for you.


There are some features which are different in both of the devices because iPad 2 is costly but what is different check it out here.

There should be the comparison starting from the camera. The camera of the ipad2 is just like the camera of iPhone 4 not like the real standards of the iPad series. This of features really disappointed the people. But in the iPad 3 it not like that it is having the latest thing and has the latest approach of the camera. The camera of iPad 3 is so good.

Ipad has not the battery which is so unique and which is a great backup. The battery is an essential thing in any aspect of the approach. Because without this, the device is not beneficial. But in iPad 2 its battery should be different. But in this way the iPad 3 has the solution to make you feel relax and stop your worry. The battery timing of iPad 3 is really awesome and thin in it. Either it has the thin in size but the approach is nice really.

The third and amazing thing is that in iPad three thee is a unique feature of sharing with data to the computer or your laptop. Because in the same way it can be achieved in the jailbreaks but not as official. But now apple has introduced this feature keeping in view the interest of people. It is really a nice way and it can glow up the needs to sharing the important files.

So according to this feature, this can be seen that the ipad3 is great as compared to the iPad