Best wireless keyboard with Case for ipad 2


That’s why I thought of making a list of the best external hardware keyboards for iPad. They are usually pretty small, some even fold-able and can be used with more devices, not just the iPad. In the next paragraphs we’ll take a look at the best ipad keyboard options found in stores today, the cheap, the premium and the mainstream ones, the perfect accessories for people wanting to type large chunks of text on the iPad. So, without further due, here are the best iPad keyboards you can get today:
Zagg ZAGGMate with Keyboard for iPad 2

For maximum performance and looks you have to go for the Zagg ZAGGMate keyboard case for iPad and iPad 2. It’s one of the best iPad keyboards (and iPad 2 keyboads at the same time) thanks to its cover case that fits perfectly the iPad 2 in terms of size and color (it’s made from brushed aluminum) and offers also dual functionality as stand for both vertical and horizontal orientation. Cloud 9 Living Best Mens Gift

Once you get the iPad 2 in position you’re looking at a classic laptop shape, with its strengths: solid stance, great keyboard tactile feedback for fast touch typing, good screen orientation inclination. It’s a little bit expensive, but considering you get the best iPad 2 keyboard (with iOS dedicated keys) + case + cover + stand I’d say is worth the money. Oh, and the battery lasts several weeks, so no need to recharge it often. [read full review]

Zagg ZAGGMate
360 Degree Adjustable Bluetooth Slider Keyboard Case for iPad

Main Function: 360 swirl slider Bluetooth keyboard case
Input port: Micro-USB
Buttons/switches: On/off, Connect
Color: Black, black keyboard
Compatibility: is made for ipad2, Bluetooth keyboard work for any device that supports Bluetooth 2.0
Transmit range: 10 meters
Wireless type: Bluetooth 2.0
Battery type: 3.7 V 500mAh bilt-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
Standby time: 10-15 days
Working time: approximately 90 hours depending on usage
Working Current: Standby Current: 1.2 mA
Charging time: 4-6 hours

Bluetooth HID Wireless Keyboard Mouse Control – 34.95$ (compatible with the iPad 2)

If you want something that’s small enough to get into your purse or pocket with ease you must be interested in the Bluetooth HID Wireless Keyboard and mouse Control, a nicely put together Bluetooth keyboard with integrated mousepad and click buttons. It’s a winning combination, lightweight, sturdy, portable and offers a lot of functionality, as it is compatible not only with the iPad but also with PCs, Macs, Linux computers, PDAs and Android, Symbian smartphones. If you don’t have a compatible device you’ll be happy to hear that the Bluetooth HID Wireless keyboard and mouse control comes with an USB dongle free of charge. This is the best iPad keyboard if you’re looking for a small footprint.

Bluetooth HID Wireless Keyboard Mouse Control
Bluetooth HID Wireless Keyboard Mouse Control
iPad 2 Leather Case + Silicone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Manufacturer Specifications

Main Function: iPad 2 Leather Case + Silicone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
Material: Leatherette
Ports/Buttons: USB charging, ON/OFF
Color: White
Compatibility: iPad 2, iPad
Working Time: 90 hours

iPad 2 in 1 wireless Bluetooth keyboard with Case $38.99


If you really need to get an iPad keyboard why not get an iPad case that also features a keyboard. And while we’re at it, throw in an iPad stand and you have a clear image of what Aida Keycase Folio Deluxe for iPad has to offer. It’s an amazing device which costs a little bit more than your average iPad accessories, but is worth the money. Connectivity is done via wireless, with the keyboard reconnecting automatically when you turn in on again.
Recharging is done via USB, but not very often, as battery life is rated at 45 hours, which is at least a week of office work (if you do that on your Apple tablet). The case that hots the keyboard is made from leather, which adds a little bit of style and comfort. If you like combo value products, this is the one to get. Too bat it’s not compatible with the iPad 2 (the camera don’t have a dedicated keyboard), as it would have been one of the best iPad keyboards made from leather.Sierra Monitor bacnet utility

Aida Keycase Folio Deluxe
Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard – 25.4$ (iPad 2 compatible)

Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

If you’re looking for a smaller keyboard for your iPad, one that resembles the thumb keyboard on Blackberry and Nokia E-Series devices then the Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is for you. It’s designed as a Communicator keyboard, it’s very portable, adding negligible weight to your current mobile gear setup (~40 grams) and it’s painted in silver white, just like the iPad.
Want to hear more? It’s also compatible with iPhone 4, PDAs, MACs, PS3, Smart Phones and PCs. Power comes from a 200 mAh internal rechargeable battery, that can be replenished via the mini USB port of your nearby gadget. This battery is able to power the device for more than 400 hours, enough to ‘enhance’ your typing skills.
Menotek Flexible Bluetooth Waterproof Mini Keyboard – 13.98$ (iPad 2 compatible)

What, another Flexible keyboard for iPad? Well, there’s more, I would say, as the Menotek Mini Keyboard is also waterproof and comes with a retractable USB cable used for recharging the internal batteries. And for the same 30$ price, it’s able to connect not just with the iPad but also with PCs and Macs that don’t have Bluetooth connectivity thanks to an adapter supplied in the box by Menotek. The design is a little too business oriented, but that makes it suitable for almost any kind of use. The same wrap-ability makes it easy to carry around in your backpack.

Menotek Flexible Bluetooth Waterproof Mini Keyboard
Acase Flexible Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (compatible with the iPad 2)

This must be the ideal best iPad keyboard, as it’s cheap, durable and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your tablet. The best part is that it’s flexible, so you can store it in your backpack easily and can put it on any surface. If you don’t like that you can always lay it down on a desk, for office like typing. The flexible rubber used for the Acase Flexible Portable keyboard for iPad is also rugged enough to sustain some punishment, something other external keyboard can’t.
Make sure you’re comfortable on typing on smaller keys, as Acase sacrificed some real estate from the keys to make the iPad keyboard more compact. Say what you want, but for 30 bucks it’s a steal.

Acase Flexible Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
Official Apple iPad keyboard dock

Keyboard Dock for iPad

If you want something straight from Apple, there’s no better choice than the official iPad keyboard dock, one accessory made by Apple for Apple. As the name suggests, this iPad accessory features also a docking port to charge and sync your iPad while you work.
You can even connect the Apple ipad Keyboard dock to a stereo system via an AV or classic stereo audio cable and listen to music as you do on a PC. The dock is slightly inclined, to give your iPad the perfect viewing angle for typing and watching media on it. You can also use this dock to connect to a large screen TV, but you will need the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter accessory kit.
Price is a little steep, I must admit, but you do get that gorgeous Apple Wireless keyboard found on iMacs. Apparently it’s not compatible with the iPad 2, so make sure you buy the intended iPad 2 keyboard model.